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Balloon animals are an all-time favorite with children as well as older guests. Our sculptors can produce upon request a wide variety of small balloon creations to delight all ages: from dogs, cats and parrots on perches to hearts, swords, hats, flowers and even motorcycles.

We find corporate events are best served by the smaller balloon creations due to the large amount of attendees wanting a balloon. However, in smaller events we are more than happy to create larger balloon creations - they take just a few minutes more to create them.

Q. Are balloon animals appropriate for all events?

A. Balloons may not be appropriate for the very young since they can be a choking hazard. The round balloons used for faces and hearts are safer, since they are less susceptible to popping. However, infants and toddlers should not be left unattended with balloons. Somewhat older children find balloon animals the most fun and can play with them more safely.

Q. Do balloon animals pop?

A. Yes - as with any balloon, balloon animals pop. Be careful not to squeeze them, hit them with anything, step on them or drop them - even blades of grass can be sharp enough to puncture.

Q. How do I decide how many balloon sculptors I need at an event?

A. A good rule of thumb is that each balloon creation takes about one minute. Some simple sculptures take a little as 20 seconds, while others can take up to three minutes or more.